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Bodywork for Birth

Helping women from Preconception to Postpartum is another passion of mine. I completed Claire Marie Miller's Nurturing the Mother certification program in 2006. I also studied with Pam England of Birthing from Within as well as completed a yoga for pregnancy certificate.  

Many myths surround pregnancy massage. 

Myth #1

It isn't safe to receive a massage during the first trimester.

False: During a normal healthy pregnancy, it is perfectly safe and beneficial to receive a massage from a professional trained in pregnancy massage.

Myth #2

It isn't safe to deeply massage the legs of a pregnant women.

False: Unless the woman has a history of blood clots or other health conditions are present, it is perfectly safe to deeply massage her legs. If there is moderate edema, lymphatic massage should be performed first.

Myth #3 

It isn't safe to massage a pregnant woman's feet.

False: As long as the therapist does not put intentional and prolonged pressure on certain reflexology points, it is perfectly safe to massage a pregnant women's feet. The same goes for shoulders and other areas with reflexology or acupressure points. 

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