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What is Abdominal Therapy?


Abdominal Therapy is the gentle manipulation of the muscles, ligaments and fascia (connective tissue) in the abdomen, pelvis and low back. Trauma to the abdomen such as surgery, chronic inflammatory conditions, childbirth and accidents can cause scar tissue, adhesions, muscular tension, and the displacement of organs.


The goal of this therapy is to release tension, increase circulation, reduce congestion, and ensure optimal positioning of the organs in the abdomen.

What conditions does this therapy benefit?


Digestive disorders such as GERD, acid reflux, constipation, diverticulitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Reproductive organ issues such as dysmenorrhea (painful periods),  and infertility.


Kidney and urinary issues such as kidney stones, incontinence, and   interstitial cystitis.

Emotional issues such as anxiety, especially if accompanied by nausea.

Other issues such as scar tissue, hemorrhoids, low back pain, and pelvic pain.


Who should not receive this therapy?

Therapy is contraindicated if you have a high fever, acute pain, open wounds or recent surgery incisions, acute vascular conditions or inflammatory conditions, or abdominal cancer in the acute phase. If in doubt, contact your health care provider.  


How should I prepare?

Enjoy a light meal an hour or two before therapy. You will feel more comfortable if your belly is not too full. You may receive this therapy during your menstrual cycle. You should not work out intensely before or after the session. Arrive well rested and plan to rest after the session as well. Self care is part of this treatment.


What can I expect?

You will be comfortably draped with only your belly being exposed. At times the work may feel uncomfortable but not painful. Some areas may feel tender, which may be adhesions in the fascial architecture. We can talk about the sensations, and I can help you to relax and work through them.

How will I feel?

Most people feel more relaxed and lighter and longer in the abdomen. You should be able to move more freely from your core and have more awareness of your entire breath cycle throughout the abdomen. Some people feel tender after this therapy, but that passes with rest and self care. During our time together, you will learn more about your anatomy and the nature of your condition. I will provide you with educational tools and other forms of support. You will be empowered develop awareness to heal.

"Having had life long chronic gastrointestinal issues, Dawn's visceral massage targeted tight and spasming areas of my bowel and abdomen which resulted in significant improvement in both discomfort and function. Dawn's general demeanor and energy lends itself to create a calm and understanding atmosphere. With Dawn’s help, I’m now able to enjoy my day to day life with less fear of painful symptoms."


Dawn’s knowledge and expertise about abdominal issues are truly remarkable. She has been a highly effective therapeutic resource for me. I have enormous admiration for her work and am immensely grateful.


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