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Session Expectations and Fees

Although most clients see results in the first session, for lasting results, a commitment of at least three sessions is recommended.


Our first session will last approximately 90 minutes, as we will do an intake form together and come up with a treatment and self care plan. Enjoy a footbath while we review your history. You will receive a hands-on abdominal treatment as well. 


During our time together, you will learn more about your anatomy and the nature of your condition. I will provide you with educational tools and other forms of support. You will be empowered develop awareness to heal.


Self care suggestions may include nutritional and herbal suggestions, helpful stretches, and stress relief practices. I may also refer you to another practitioner such as a pelvic floor specialist or a nutritionist. I have vetted some excellent supporting professionals in our area.


Following sessions will generally last approximately 60 minutes. We will review what is working and alter our plan if need be. 


If you are truly unable to afford my services, please contact me and we can discuss a payment plan that works for you. I want everyone to be able to find relief from chronic discomfort. I am also open to trade. 

Note that I am taking new Abdominal Clients at this time.


Initial Intake Session: $250

I allow for approximately 90 minutes for our initial session together. This session typically is about 20 minutes of talking about your issues, and 70 minutes hands on abdominal therapy. Note: I generally spend a lot of time after our sessions with referrals, research, and follow up questions. So this fee includes access to me and my expertise after your session.

Follow-Up Sessions: $165

I allow approximately 60 minutes for follow up sessions, with the majority of the time being hands on abdominal therapy.

As my client, you are welcome to email and text me at any time with any concerns. I will respond as quickly as possibly. I am here to support you during your healing process.

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