Session Expectations and Fees

Although most clients see results in the first session, for lasting results, a commitment of at least three sessions is recommended.


Our first session will last approximately 90 minutes, as we will do an intake form together and come up with a treatment and self care plan. Enjoy a footbath while we review your history. You will receive a hands-on abdominal treatment as well. 


During our time together, you will learn more about your anatomy and the nature of your condition. I will provide you with educational tools and other forms of support. You will be empowered develop awareness to heal.


Self care suggestions may include nutritional and herbal suggestions, pelvic floor exercises, and stress relief practices. I will send you home with the materials needed for herbal oil treatments at home (cost included in your package).


Following sessions will generally last approximately 60 minutes. We will review what is working and alter our plan if need be. I will provide herbal tea for home preparation if part of our plan. 

Following are examples of packages we may decide upon. First session is always 90 minutes. We may arrange for alternative packages depending on your needs.


If you are truly unable to afford my services, please contact me and we can discuss a payment plan that works for you. I want everyone to be able to find relief from chronic discomfort. I am also open to trade. 

Note that I am taking new Abdominal Clients at this time.

Package One

Initial intake session (~90 minutes) and two follow up sessions (~60 minutes): $475

Typical for conditions with one symptom such as painful periods or scar tissue from a surgery.

Package Two

Initial intake session (~90 minutes) and three follow up sessions (~60 minutes): $600

This package is typical for more complicated chronic conditions or for those with multiple conditions: for example, GERD (reflux), constipation and IBS and migraines

Package Three

Initial intake session (~90 minutes) and two follow up sessions (~90 minutes): $600

Typical for conditions that are also accompanied by other muscular symptoms such as low back or hip pain.

If you are uncomfortable committing to a package, my initial 90-minute consultation fee is $225. Follow up visits are $125 per hour. Note: this fee includes castor oil pack supplies and other materials as needed.