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What is Abdominal Therapy?

Do you struggle with chronic pain in your abdominal or surrounding regions and it seems like nothing that you’ve tried to alleviate it has helped? Many of my clients have felt exactly like you. After trying everything, they turned to abdominal therapy and found relief and healing.

Abdominal therapy has helped with digestive disorders, reproductive organ and fertility issues, kidney and urinary issues, emotional issues, and other issues like chronic back pain, hemorrhoids, and scar tissue.

So what exactly is abdominal therapy? Abdominal therapy is the gentle manipulation of the muscles, ligaments and fascia (connective tissue) in the abdomen, pelvis and low back. Trauma to the abdomen such as surgery, chronic inflammatory conditions, childbirth, and accidents can cause scar tissue, adhesions, muscular tension, and the displacement of organs. The goal of this therapy is to release tension, increase circulation, reduce congestion, and ensure optimal positioning of the organs in the abdomen.

An abdominal therapy session lasts approximately and hour and you will lay on a massage table with only your belly being exposed. If you’re a little ticklish, have no fear. Abdominal therapy motions go deeper, similar to a deep tissue massage.

There may be areas in your abdomen that feel uncomfortable or tender, but not painful. This discomfort could be adhesions in the fascial architecture. Throughout the massage, it’s important to me that you feel educated about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I’ll also guide you through some motions you can do at home to provide yourself relief. It’s important to me that you feel empowered and aware of how to heal.

After an abdominal therapy session, most people feel more relaxed and lighter and longer in the abdomen. You should be able to move more freely from your core and have more awareness of your entire breath cycle throughout the abdomen. Some people feel tender after this therapy, but that passes with rest and self-care.

Try healing your body in a holistic and natural way and try abdominal therapy. I’m currently taking new clients! Call or text Dawn at 434-953-7174 to schedule your appointment.


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